Why Flutter is a Hot App Development Trend Setter in 2021?

The Digital world is witnessing a great revolution this day and Mobile app development is a leading part of this revolution in this competitive world. But all the mobile apps that are developed are not successful, and many business applications fail terribly after their launch. There is no one reason for this failure but several factors are behind the app’s it which include use of bad developmental technology, no proper testing of app before the launch, awfully dismal client-oriented features, lack of originality in an idea of app development and many more.

A skillfully developed good mobile app can take your business to a great height. A mobile app enriched with the client-oriented feature is in a better position to engage the users. But the technology used in app development plays a significant role in the success of any business app. In this blog, we discuss the Flutter mobile app development technology which is setting a new trend in app development in 2020 and its future is quite bright due to its many advantages and users oriented features and swiftness in the app development process.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform app development tool which was released in the year 2017 by Google. Though this tool is new baby, nevertheless, it has become a successful tool of app development throughout the world due to its robust features and many exclusive benefits. Flutter is being pondered as an ideal MVP (Minimum Viable Product) tool.

Flutter offers an open-source platform to use only one codebase for developing native iOS and Android apps. It is a complete Software Development Kit(SKD) instead of being a simple module of app development across all platforms.

Flutter follows a reactive development architecture where the UI contents are automatically adjusted when the variable is modified for mobile app development. To develop Reactive Natives apps Flutter adopted the above-mentioned concept, but here it needed a JavaScript bridge to control OEM widgets. But adopting this concept led to many performance issues, which the Flutter reduced by erasing this bridge in totality and combining the concept with the app. Many best mobile app development companies in USA call +1(408)-372-0967 are using Flutter framework to develop their latest apps for businesses around the world.

Features of Flutter App Development Platform

The following are a few exciting features of Flutter open-source platform

* Flutter has a strong hot reload features, a strong set of tools that helps developers to get numerous widgets and enable you to function in a dynamic interface.

* By using only one code base it allows developers to develop mobile apps for main platforms like iOS and Android.

* Its feature allows using a command named Flutter Doctor that takes care of bugs in app development swiftly and help developers to troubleshoot them ASAP.

* The framework of Flutter is highly flexible as it provides a widgets library for app development to the developers.

* With the use of RAM code it is a fit case of app development for tech firms and start-ups.

* It supports a great GPU which help to develop a mobile application with enriched graphic designs.

How Flutter is Hot on setting a Trend of App development in 2020 and beyond?    

Below are some main reasons which make Flutter a flexible and suitable framework of seamless app development:

  1. It helps in app development with impressive and customized designs:With the help of Flutter developers can make apps using simple widgets or they can tailor the already available widgets as a part of app designs and building procedures. It helps them to develop a robust app with minimum efforts.
  2. It is Perfect for MVP:You can rely on Flutter framework for your growing business needs for MVP or one that is required for displaying it to potential investors. The Flutter MVP strategy needs limited time and effort for developing a mobile application at a nominal cost.
  3. It has the full support of Google:Flutter framework is an incredible SKD of Google for the development of native apps that can work both on desktops, web and mobile devices using a single code-base. Google support ensures to provide app developers with a tool with improved UX through Flutter. Along with improved UX Google has further provided a technology that is accepted by both the major platform app developers alike.
  4. Only Single Code-Base for all the Platforms:With Flutter framework, there is no need to write separate code for the development of apps for each platform. Only one code-base is enough for developing apps for both the major platforms. Flutter technology supports both the Android and iOS platforms’
  5. Same UI and business strategy Across all Platforms: With a reusable Widgets Flutter has a common UI pattern. This reduced the requirements for setting UI properties like styling and colours etc individually. Developers worldwide can modify UI and business logic through editing the code for both the iOS and Android platforms.
  6. Very minimal testing requirements:With Flutter Framework developers of apps need very few testing of final product I.e. mobile app. The reason behind this is that they just need to write an automatic test once since Flutter uses a single code base for all the major app development platforms.
  7. Helps in Quicker Application working: The pace of applications working with Flutter framework is very quick as Flutter SKD excel in functionality. Apps work seamlessly, with great speed, and without any fear of hanging due to cutting and scrolling.
  8. Less Deployment time: With Flutter apps deployment time is greatly reduced. All major changes can be executed immediately without any loss to existing apps working. Without any compromise on the app speed, you can develop UI, troubleshoot bugs, and add more features to the existing app.
  9. Functionality is similar to Native Apps: The writing code of Flutter apps is Dart language that reduces JavaScript Bridge, compiled with native machine code. All this enables compiling and launching an app with a much quicker pace than done with any other framework with Reactive Native app development.
  10. Help in the development of highly responsive apps: Apps developed with Flutter framework are high in responsiveness as its feature of hot reloading is highly advantageous both for the developer and designers. Designers can make design changes immediately as soon as the developers want a change in the UI of an app during the app development process. So the responsiveness rate of Flutter based app is quite high.

Besides the above important points Flutter app development framework offers transparent documentation, is backed by VS Code and Android Studio and make use of widget fabrication to create apps that make users experience great and users can also make widgets as per their requirements and save the same for future needs.

What makes Flutter a great framework for app development?

More and more developers are using Flutter framework and move to it from other frameworks due to the improved and constant flutter community’s efforts to improve up the framework and to make a winning horse in the race of application development.

The Flutter team is working hard to make the framework better and adding a lot of new features so that Flutter can replace current native app development anytime soon. The restrictions that are present in native platforms are not supported in this framework as it supports native code base’s integration. There are chances that Flutter framework is likely to emerge with greater force for app development in the remaining part of the year 2020. and beyond with extension in Flutter frame for Web Apps, Flutter for Desktops and, Flutter for embedded technology seeing the advanced IoT technology embedded in Flutter framework.

Flutter framework for cross-platform app development is proving to one of the important game-changer in the field of app development. It is emerging as a competitive framework for app development presently and is likely to emerge as a best app development platform loved by both the app owners and developers due to its rich features, low maintenance cost, and Flutter developed apps are on the rise on AppStore and PlayStore.

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