What is a Super App?- How it is Created and Benefits of Super app

The number of active users of the internet in the world as per Statista is about 4.57 billion as of April 2020, encompassing 59% of the world population. Smartphones are one of the primary internets assess point for internet for most of the people across the globe. This internet access by such a huge population has given rise to the emergence of new markets in remote geographies which are still untapped and created a huge market for the tech companies to develop apps.

The app development trend around the world since last 20 revolves around a model of development of the single-purpose app. But in the last few years, a new trend has emerged in app development named “Super Apps” and this trend is rapidly growing in China which has a rapidly developing economy of the middle class population. For your business app requirement of single-purpose/super app you can trust  Best Mobile app Development Company in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967.  

The Super App model is growing rapidly in emerging markets such as India, South America and South-East Asia and users are very loyal to these apps. Super app is all in one experience to access to many services, saves phone space, easy to use, friction-free functional and provide multi-functional experience to users. The most famous examples of super apps are:

* We Chat App

*Alipay App  

*Grab App

* Go-Jerk App

* Momo App

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What is a Super App?

The definition of a Supper App first emerged in Mike Lazaridis’ statement in the year 2010. An app is called supper app if it delivers a compelling user experience by leveraging the unique capabilities of the platform. This is a kind of app that people love to use daily because of its benefits such as a seamless, integrated, contextualized and efficient user experience. Unlike mono apps that offer one function in the most convenient way and in an understandable format, the super app advantage is in building an ecosystem that is made capable to provide solutions for different consumer needs. Super app platform collects a large amount of data about users and increases personalization and the speed of customer engagement on this basis.

There are over 800 million active users of Super App. However, despite the technological opportunities Super app provides, the key challenge is the in delivering the super app experience in a clear and users friendly way. In the financial market, many banking super apps are already in use and all major banking players have already begun to take their first steps in the direction of developing banking super apps.


How to Build a Super App:

There are two ways to build a super app:

  1. Start with a core product with a high engagement level and then build more use cases:The demand-side economies scale helps to add value to the product and this improves with each user added to the network. The best example of this is WeChat. It started with chat and its value increases with each new user in the network. But when they attained a critical mass of users the focus moved towards monetisation of those users. Soon the businesses got listed on the Wechat platform and then with the help of WeChat pay they launched C2Cpayments and later on shifted to e-commerce. With businesses and users on the platform, the e-commerce business started in the real sense with the transaction taking place on the app. This made the Wechat to a super Wechat pay app.
  2. The Second way to develop a super app is to have supply-side economy of scale-like Uber, Gojek, Lyft, Swiggy: Uber does not have a pure network of vehicles and drivers in the traditional sense. With each new rider( rider or driver) helps the Uber to improve the unit economics/utilization but does not create a lock like the traditional network followed by others. More drivers help to reduce wait time and improve unit economics. The drivers at Uber don’t compete for bids and undercut them.’

The next hard part Uber followed 1. LVT of Users and 2. Utilization of drivers

To improve the utilization of drivers Uber started by building more cases for customers and thereby improving the unit economics.

All this helped the Uber app to achieve the status of Super app.

What are the benefits of Super App

Super apps are a new way to attract customers. With every addition of new service or with each new extension, super apps try to get more attention, time and money from the users. One of the benefits of super apps is that a wide variety of services is combined under one single app, their true value lies in the simple and comfortable connection of all our daily activities in one device.
The benefits of a super app are manifold

  1. It shortens the way to the desired action. This provides convenience to the user.
  2. User can use it for a variety of services.
  3. It allows for a uniform and individual user experience.
  4. It saves the phone or device memory.
  5. It provides domestic and foreign retailers to easily get access to the market.

Future of the Super Apps

The future of super apps is quite bright. Due to the benefits listed above many new super apps emerge in other mobile-first regions of the globe. Super apps aggregate in the seamless and meaningful way several “apps”, actually services provided by several apps providing the user with a single service space. The success of the super application lies into the platform they have evolved to solve everyday users needs. The super apps are successful because they understand the country-specific preferences of their target group more than almost any other application and strongly perceived in these regions. This is the reason why super apps have evolved into everyday platforms.

Super apps are already in the field of transportation, travel sector, e-commerce, payment banks and Fintech services. I think that this growth in super apps will continue in this decade, aiming at funnelling a broader market target audience through its app. There will be a relentless flow of apps in the coming decade and the users are likely to reap rich dividends.

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