Ways to Optimize Android App Development Process

Google’s Android is the world’s largest and fastest-growing operating system. Millions of apps based on the Android operating system are available on Google PlayStore and daily a big number of new android mobile apps are added to this store. Since the Android operating system has about 80% share in the mobile phone use, developers are lured to develop mobile apps for this operating platform. The apps on the Android Platform have a great user base and businesses love to develop their apps on this platform also beside iOS platform.

Developing apps on the Android platform is not a very difficult process as it can be done in various ways, but choosing the best approach and tools to use in-app development is a major bottleneck. The perfect approach is all imperative during the app development process to make the Android app to the app store and to make it work seamlessly with the users of the app.

A highly performing Android app has a direct relationship with the method used in the development of the app. Only that app can have a large user base if it is high on smooth performance and developed properly. For getting a high performing android app you can contact Android app development company USA call +1(408)372-0967.

The failure and success of app depend on few below mentioned things


-Mobile Battery consumption

-Time to load the app contents

-Reviews on the Google Play Store

Apps that are developed without keeping the above-mentioned points in mind are likely to be uninstalled by users and this is the biggest nightmare for the developers. To overcome the problem of uninstalling the app, the best way is to optimize the code and approach the developer is using in app development. Below are some important tips/ways that certainly improve app performance and the user’s experience.

  1. Define Your Strategy: You should have a clear cut strategy about your approach in app development and how your app will stand in the App market. There are many considerations like long term app goals, features which your app will support, what are the app contents, and the primary purpose of the app, and how to prioritize the target audience of your app needs a proper strategy.
  2. Do Proper Research: Before going into the app development process on your app idea proper research is necessary. For a new app, it is very difficult to be on the top of the app search result without proper and highly targeted keywords. Choosing a tailored keyword to require proper research as your keywords should be based on the features and functionality of the app. So deciding on the proper keywords for your app should be your top priority in the app development process.
  3. UX should get full attention: Website development and Mobile app development are not the same things. We cannot downsize the mobile development from the website development and while developing a mobile app we should keep this thing in mind. Android Mobile app development is fundamentally different from a website in its size, functionality and in scope. In the website, development attention is paid to user experience (UX) but in mobile app development, you have to make it sure that your app is well designed in terms of visuals and in user experience (UX).
  4. Mobile application testing should be automated:By setting up an Automated Testing mode for mobile application offers a great solution to accommodate fast development cycles. By relying on open source testing automation frameworks available there t run a suite of test and provide you more confidence that your application development process and code is bug-free.
  5. Make users security a priority: Hackers are shifting from website hacking to mobile apps hacking. So it is imperative that you design and develop your mobile app’s code keeping in mind the user’s security and features should be such, that it reflects the part. You should always keep in mind the security aspect of app users and it calls for thorough research so that no stone is left unturned in the app’s user’s data security.
  6. Be mindful of Phone memory:Your Android app size should be linked to the memory of app users’ mobile devices. Your app should be developed in such a way that it makes minimum use of the phone memory of your app user. An app consuming more memory of your app users’ mobile device will discourage the user to download the app. Always be very careful of memory consumption and keep it to a minimum or else users will not be satisfied with the app experience and will likely to uninstall your app.

If you are new to Android app development or a seasoned app development professional, you should make sure to take note of the above points and follow all the other relevant best practices of app designing code/interface for your next Android app development project. You can engage Custom mobile app development company USA call +1(408)372-0967 for your next app development project