How to choose the Best App Development Approach for Your business?

If you are thinking about app development for your business you face one hard question about the best app development approach you can follow. But before reaching for different app development companies you must have to answer a very important question first, “what kind of app development you are planning to do for your business?’

If you are a technical expert then you might have the right answer. But for a man with incomplete digital knowledge, it is of no use to hire the best mobile app development company unless you know exactly what you want to do. If you want to get a Mobile app developed for your business you can get in touch with a Custom mobile app Development Company in USA call 1(408)-372-0967

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the various approaches available for mobile app development and which one will be the right fit for your business. Once you go through this blog, choosing a right app development company for developing your business mobile app will be a very easy task, as you will be in a position to take right and wise decisions.

Different Categories of App development approaches available for the business:

There are many types of the app available in the app market, but three different categories of apps are prominent and we will discuss one by one and know about their advantages and disadvantages and find out which one is suitable for your business and brand.

* Native Apps

* Hybrid Apps

* Web Apps (an extended responsive version of websites)

Native Apps: Apps which are developed solely for a single mobile OS platform like Android and iOS and Windows. You have to three different apps for your business one for each platform if you opt native app development for your business. Since an app is developed for a single platform you can use possible features of your device to the fullest capacity and get the best app with all possible functionalities, but on the other hand, this approach is quite costly and time-consuming.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Native app development approach:

Blow list of advantages and disadvantages help you in deciding why you choose Native app development for your business and why not?


* Native app development provides superior users experience in terms of speed and responsiveness.

* Being Native app, it is possible to use all accessible features of the device in every level.

* Native apps are quite suitable for brand development as these are highly reliable.

* It is possible to use Native apps, even offline.

* Native app reach is very high and are available on all official app store.

* Very fewer hardware configurations are needed in developing efficient coding.


* As the one app is developed for each platform different code bases are required for different platform.

* Separate apps are required for each platform, so development is very high.

* Require more time to release apps for all platforms in one go.

* For apps developed for iOS platform prior approval is required from the Apple App Store.

* As Native app has increased capabilities post maintenance cost is high and demanding.

When it is best to use Native App Development

* If you want to target only a single platform like iPhone or Android or windows.

* When the aim is to use all the superior functionality of the device.

* When the major concern is app’s performance and compatibility.

When Not to use Native App development

* When there is no need to use native device functionality.

*If there is no issue of apps performance

* When the budget and time to launch the app in the market is a concern for you natives app development approach is best suited.

Hybrid Apps: Hybrid apps are those apps that are built using a single code and yet work for multiple app platforms (iOS, Android and Windows etc.). The app built with this approach is good if you have a limited budget or short on time to launch the app. But with this app device capabilities are not fully explored.

 Advantages and disadvantages of Hybrid app


* In Hybrid app a single code base can be used for developing apps on multiple platforms.

* Cross-platform app development is possible with the Hybrid approach.

*These apps are convenient, fast, and cost-effective to build.

* Apps can be marketed in various app stores.

* Easy to roll out updates.

* Hybrid apps can also work offline.

* With Hybrid app development approach it is possible to access to device’s APIs and hardware ware like storage, camera and many more.

Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development

* Browser’s poor performance make these apps less responsive.

* The UX of a hybrid app is compromised usually.

* Such apps need third party platforms to run.

Conditions when to choose Hybrid app development

* When the aim of app development is multi-platform.

* If phone-specific functionality is needed for your app running.

* The developer skill sets are limited

When Not to choose Hybrid app development:

When the high experienced app developers availability is a matter of concern then don’t go for Hybrid app development for your business.

Web Apps: Web apps are not exactly a (mobile) app, but a responsive version of a website. Here in this app web app software behaves in a fashion similar to mobile apps. The code of these apps is written in HTML5, JavaScript or CSS and use a browser to run. These apps actually redirect a user to a URL and offer the “install” option by simply creating a bookmark to the page in the browser to run.

 Advantages of using the Web App Development approach:

* It is easy to maintain web apps.

* Single code base is used to run the app on all platforms as a web browser is used to run the app and not the mobile OS.

* No app store is required for web apps so it is easy to deploy these apps and new features can be added instantly.

* Possible to access the device level features though the use of various JavaScripts APIs.

* No heavy budget needed for the development of web apps.

 Disadvantages of Using Web App Development Approach

* These apps are not very interactive compared to other apps.

* The UI design elements of web apps can be inconsistent.

* Few device features are used in the web app.

* Nit available on the “App Stores”. so few numbers of using these apps.

* Very slow in speed as the app can be accessed only through the use of browser and good internet speed is needed to run it properly.

When to choose Web App Development

* If you want your website to be displayed on mobile devices with a lot of ease then go for web app development approach.

* If you want to display your content on mobile platforms like Android or iOS go for web apps.

* If you don’t need extra mobile native functionality in your app then go with web app development approach.

When not to choose Web App Development Approach

* No need to go for this approach if native mobile functionality is a must for your app.

*Not very useful if you want to cater to only a single platform app users.

To conclude: We have discussed all the advantages and disadvantages of using various app development approach for the development of the business mobile app. Now you can go in for a perfect app development approach based on your business needs. If you still are not in a position to decide the best app approach for your brand then you can contact Leading Mobile App Development Company in USA Call +1(408)-372-0967 to handle all app development work for your business and brand.

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