Common Mistakes Mobile App Developers Make Every Day

Developing a Mobile app requires a good amount of technical skills. The developer must be conversant with the latest technology and tools, perfect mastery over the coding languages, and thorough understanding of designing part so as to develop a perfect mobile application. But nobody is perfect. The mobile app developer and app re-sellers are no exception to this rule. Almost all of them commit some mistakes during the development of a mobile app. Some of these developers make very small mistakes but many developers mistakes are more significant than others.

The mistakes not only add to the cost of app development but also result in significant time delays or both of these, and also these errors can be very frustrating. In this article, I am going to point out some of the common mistakes that are committed by developers and re-sellers of the mobile app, and how you as a developer or app re-seller can avoid.

Before developing a new app or starting an app development project, you need to review these common mobile app mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, you can reduce your frustration and can increase your chances of building a near-perfect and successful mobile application.

Common Mistakes In Mobile App Development

  1. Neglecting the Research and Due diligence part of Mobile app development: Almost all the developers are quite impatient by nature. They want to dive in the app development part from the start of the project, without doing research and due diligence and end in cost escalation and time delays.

If you take the time to find the best platform and solution for app development you will end up in saving time not only days but months also and even save you from down the road frustrations. The app creation tool you choose can make or break the success of your project, so it is advisable not to rush with app development without proper research and due diligence.

There are many ways to build a mobile app:

* Coding the app on your own.

* Utilizing an app creator on your own without doing a coding job.

* Hiring a Top App Development Agency call +1(408)372-0967.

* Working with freelancer.

* Becoming a while label re-seller.

The list is quite long, but you have different options like taking the help of local agencies, large international developer or anything in between. You need to find the perfect app development solutions for your needs.

  1. Not caring about budget management:The other common mistake the developers commit on a regular basis is blowing through an app budget. This is due to:

* No correct estimate of the budget.

* Failure to plan for all components of the project.

* No per-estimation of unexpected costs.

In-app development initial development cost is not you need to plan for. You have to take into consideration other phases of app creation costs in the budget itself. A realistic budget from the beginning stage of app development is quite important. A lot of developers have a certain number in mind and they think it is sufficient to build an app. But they ignore many aspects. But if you are abreast with the app development trends you can learn that many new trends are evolving in app development like AI, AR and others that can increase the cost of app development and appropriate up scaling of the budget should be taken care of.

  1. Not Creating MVP: The other common mistake is driving right into the final app build by developers. An MVR minimum viable product) will help you to test the app and evaluate its performance. An MVP is not an experiment for your app. It includes all the common app features such as building individual employee log-in capabilities and the ability to send push notifications for the announcement. As the development continues you can add many more features and benefits.
  2. Poor UI/UX Build Many times app developers fail to know how the app will actually be used and are lost in app development only. By neglecting the user interface of an app is a mistake and it should be avoided at all costs. Due to poor UI/UX, many people uninstall apps. People install apps due to forced social log-ins, privacy concerns, too many adds, Bad UI/UX, app freezing, complex registration process, and annoying notifications.

Apps that have simple navigation, a search function, and the home menu and can be easily accessed from any screen are very popular with masses and have low UN-instal rate. But some developers make mistakes by getting too creative with the UI and ultimately ignoring the user’s experience.

Stick to what works. Do not make users make three or four clicks to return to a home screen or navigate another screen in the app. Otherwise, they will not enjoy any app experience. Only through prioritization of UI, you can make your app users a happy lot or you will lose users.

  1. Not Test the app properly:For a successful mobile app testing should be of a higher level of app testing procedure and it should be performed throughout the entire app development process. With this, you will improve the user’s experience as the users love bug free apps.

 To initiate the testing problems following practices are best suited:

* Defining your testing process and procedure ( how often you will perform the test and who will do it).

* Provide a dedicated in-house testing environment.

* Have a proper mix of in-house and outsourced mobile testing experts.

* Get the right tools and equipment to perform testing.

* Chalk out a proper schedule time for testing the app.

Only through a detailed testing procedure, you can increase app usage.

6 Creating App for too many Platforms: Many times you are tempted to make the app available to as many users as possible. While this is a profitable proposition from app marketing, but it can create challenges from a development standpoint.

If you are a thing to building a native mobile app, creating an iOS and Android app will likely to double your app development budget. Both projects will be treated with separate development ventures and building an app on two platforms at the same time is a daunting task.

So it is better to stick to one platform at a time if you’re building a native platform as taking both the platforms are too much for you to handle. Alternative you can build an app for both the platforms you can use app builder. These platforms reduce app development costs and time while giving you the ability to create an app without writing a single line of code.

  1. Faulty communication during development period: In the majority of mobile app failures the cause is poor communication during the development process.

While there is almost an agreement between people that effective communication during a project is extremely important but little is done in this direction by many people. The only way to avoid this mistake is by prioritizing communication from the beginning of an app development phase. The communication should be balanced one, not too much and not over communication.

Depending on the size of app development project you can have a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly meetings between app developers and everyone who is involved with any app development process with a quick status report from everyone for early correcting any anomalies.

  1. Adding too Many Features and Functions:There are limitless functions and features that you can add in your app. But it does not mean that your app needs to include every app feature and function available just because it is possible. It is better to stick to the core features that your app really needs to run properly.

Adding too many features will set you up for loads of problems down the road starting with an increase in your app development budget with each new feature you add.

Further, the performance is also hampered with too many features and functionalities as it leads app to crash too often and adding to the size of your app. Research has shown that one out of four app users is burdened the problem of phone storage space and will end in deleting the oversized app from his phone.

  1. Wrong Development team: It is seen that because of a wrong development team many apps fail to achieve their goals and this is a very expensive mistake.

Generally, people choose the wrong developmental team due to price sensitivities. They try to save money by outsourcing development to freelance at a fraction of cost overseas than an app agency in the USA.  Many freelancers stop responding, fails in their schedules and not building apps as per your expectations. So finding an app developer that can meet all of the needs of app development will be your best option to follow.

  1. No proper plan for Updates:There is a common misconception that app development job is finished once it is launched. That is far from reality. The development never stops after app launch as no app is perfect and you will need to make improvements on a regular basis as per the user’s feedback. About 30% of apps are updated at least once a month and 80% within a regular six month period after launch.

Updates are required to improve the user’s experience, eliminating bugs and remain competitive in the market by being compared with the latest operating software on various devices.

Conclusion: App development project is very tricky and if not handled properly it may make you frustrating at times. But by understanding the common mistakes, you can avoid them altogether and have a vibrating app for your business. This article is not a comprehensive guide to avoid app development mistakes, but you learn from your experience and expertise as you venture more and more into the app developmental job. You can develop your own model to avoid mistakes in app development and be a winner.

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