9 Essential Features of On Demand Mobile Application

The world is facing a Corona Virus crisis and everywhere there is a lockdown. All the business establishments, schools, offices and many other services are closed to contain the spread of the virus among the people. Social distancing has reduced the mobility of people in every walk of life.

But we know that in order to survive many services are essential like food delivery, Grocery delivery, delivery of essential medicines and many more. Since the business has moved to no personal contact form, on-demand mobile apps downloads have increased in recent times. On-demand apps popularity has suddenly reached to new higher level as these apps provide a wide variety of services and convenience. One can book easily for any service through on-demand apps. On-demand app development has taken the lead in the current times as these apps are proving highly useful to the users. These days on-demand services are quite an in trend.

The on-demand apps are very useful for large and small service providers. It provides them with a platform where they can showcase their product and services and get new customers and enhance their business footprints geographically. The service and the user experience at the application decide the success of the business.

Essential features of On-demand mobile application

Every mobile app has some essential features, but a special set of essential features are needed in on-demand app development as they cater to a quite different section of society and these are to be addressed in a proper way so that the end-users get the maximum benefits from the use of the app and their demands and level of satisfaction is fully met. Here are some of the essential features which every on-demand mobile app should have whether it is developed for iOS platform or Android Platform.

On-Demand Services App Features

  1. Sign-in-Credentials: This portal is meant to provide every app user with its own personalized space on the application platform. This feature can be created using Facebook, Google, Twitter id, and so. The main aim of this feature is to provide the name of the user, his location, phone number, Date of birth and his personal preferences etc.
  2. Authentication and security: Every user of the app who downloads the app from the app store usually scan the app for proper security once they check the payment section. Almost all the genuine apps or web payment options have certain verification symbols that make the customer feel like they can trust the app. The most important thing is that customers want full satisfaction that the payment gateway is secure and the personal information and the payment details they share with the app are not misused for any other purpose.
  3. It Should be informative and visually appealing: The contents placed by on-demand mobile app about the product and the services should be informative and visually appealing so that the client can book or place the order on the necessary information like an address. The application will likely provide the client with expected delivery time and date. It should also have a cart facility and order summary format where the customer can add their favourite products and services before placing the exact order after seeing the whole range of products offered in the application and get details of the products and services ordered before the confirmed order is placed.
    The process or placing an order through the app should be visually appealing, have a proper interface, and easy in understanding and executing so that the user’s client get a good user experience in using the app.
  1. Should have Appropriate algorithm: The app should have a proper algorithm, it should be able to locate for the fastest and closest courier service to deliver the products that are ordered by the client based on location and the shortest route of the destination.
  2. G.P.S. Tracking Possible: The on-demand apps like food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine and car ride should support a G.P.S. Tracking system so that customer should be able to know where his order deliveryman at a particular time, and how long it will take for product delivery. This facility can leave the customers satisfied and informed about where their order has reached. Various push notification can be sent to the clients via SMS and email account of customers to stay up to date regarding the status of their request to be delivered. The Mobile app development company in USA call +1(408)-372-0967 always take this aspect in active consideration while developing an on-demand app for their clients so that they can get their app developed with all the required latest features.
  3. Support all the secured payment options:Even though online payment is very popular among the app users, restricting your customers to a specific payment option is not the right choice. Most of the people prefer variety because it is not necessary that every app user has the same payment option. Apart from the basic credit cards, debit cards, and net banking, the introduction of virtual wallets can prove to be very beneficial for better sales.
  4. Portal for exchange of Ratings and Reviews: It is very essential that app should have a portal where you can receive your customers feedbacks regarding the products, services, the customer car dealings, and products and services delivery process etc so that all the possibilities for enhancing the user’s experience can be explored and implemented. This helps in restoring the faith of the customers in the brand and its services. Customers feel privileged and valued when they are asked for feedback, and when they share their experiences.
    More clients are attracted towards your brand if the responses of the other clients who used your application are positive, and likewise, they invest their valuable time and money in the services. Thus your main business aim of attracting more number of customers towards your brand is achieved without any difficulty.
  1. Additional features: Many Best Mobile App Development Companies in USA call +1(408)372-0967 also add more features in the shape of add ons besides the feedback policy with features like coupons, discounts, and other brand loyalty programs that attract the client more into the services of a particular brand. The other feature of interest for customers is that they must be able to search their past activity after they have placed the recent order as this makes it helpful for them to find the product or services they were looking earlier. The addition of past orders can help them repeat the order or to look through the valuable information.
  2. AI and ML features should also be part: Though both AI and ML have been used interchangeably, they are totally different means and are now used to carry out various tasks which are not possible otherwise. The AI and ML features in apps provide a piece of very valuable information to customers by which they are able to order what exactly they want as these features can quickly identify what the customer is searching and suggest similar items while keeping a customer’s interests in mind.


So it is wise to invest in the on-demand application development for your brand/business as it helps in attracting more customers and thereby increasing revenue generation by delivering an interactive user-experience. But everything does not end with on-demand app development for your business, there should be regular research on new priorities of customers and a proper plan for regular updates as per the needs.

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