8 Things You Consider While Building Your Mobile App

More than three billion people across the world use mobile today. Their number is rising day by day and there are no signs that this number will tumble in the near future. Due to this reason, the mobile app industry is a thriving industry today and will thrive in future as mobile users number is increasing and also the users of tablets are also increasing.

We are not using the mobile phones just for talking with our friends and relative or do the business calls, but we use smartphones in every sphere of our lives as the internet facility is available on it. We use phones at our home, office, making social media chats while travelling. Basically we use smartphones throughout the day, and 90% of our time is spent on exploring the apps on phone.

This alone factor has encouraged the businessmen to own an app. Now a large number of businesses and startups are in the process of developing a mobile app. This blog is for those people who are thinking of developing their app or in the process of development as this will serve as a guide to them that what important things they should consider while building the app so that their app is perfect in all respect and they have no difficulty in achieving their targeted goals.

In the last few years, when the smartphone started gaining popularity throughout the world, apps were built in a very specific way leaving little choice for adding essential features in it due to limited development tools. But now, you have a plethora of options to develop an app. The options are available in frameworks, templates, components, to custom and hybrid app options which can run easily on various platforms. No, it is up to you to decide what you want in your app?    

If you are tech-savvy and can develop a mobile app with your own efforts then this is heartening. But if you lack the capability to develop a mobile app then you can outsource the app development work to the professional mobile app development company in USA call +1(408)372-0967 and get the app developed for your business as they have a lot of professional developers who are well versed with all the latest app development techniques.   

Following are the eight important things you should consider before building your Mobile App 

  1. Knowing your target Audience: Your great idea of app development should not be considered as a guaranteed path of success of your mobile app But the lettered word “Know your Audience” can tide in your favour. Most of the app development ideas don’t focus on the specific audience, instead, the focus is on apps features and functionalities. But it goes without saying that knowing about your target audience is the most important things to consider before you build your mobile app. One this that is beyond doubt is that it is the users who are responsible for your app’s success and if your app fulfils all the requirements of users success will not elude your app.

You should consider factors like the age group of your targeted audience, their geolocation, their gender, occupation the interest before you go for building your mobile app. A technically sound app can not guarantee your success unless it completely engages your end-users.

  1. Selection of the Platform: When you have a complete assessment of your target audience, the next thing you have to decide the apps platform. In other words on which platform/s you want to launch your mobile app. In the mobile device world, iOS and Android are the two dominant platforms. You have to decide when you opt the one or both.

 To develop a mobile app for any specific platform, you have to use the language that is natively supported by that platform. Java and Kotlin are used for Android app development where iOS is based on Swift or Objective -C. Apps developed only one platform is called Native Apps.


Now it is possible to develop apps can for both the platforms using one language, and are known as Hybrid apps. The cross platforms frameworks were developed lately are Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, etc. Each app development option has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you understand the difference between them.

  1. Decide about the Backend of the App:In the app development trends at present more and more applications are now driven by APIs. But it is not necessary that all apps you develop need a custom backend. You can handle the entire app with the help of a local database and there is no need for any kind of backend support for the app.
  2. UI/UX Design selection:In the digital world user experience is one of the most important features. Your mobile app outlines how a user feels and thinks about business and services. It is about making something valuable, easy to use, and compelling for your target audience.

Thus, UI/UX holds a vital role in today’s mobile app development. This element of mobile app development is very important for apps success in the digital world because 99% of the time users do not come back if the app is not user friendly. Good design of app brings interface clarity to the user. If you fail to provide a quality mobile app to your users then it may end hurting your brand image. This is one of the important reason why top mobile app development company in USA call +1(408)372-0967 spend more time and money on this part of app development.

  1. Payment Gateway Integration: Online shopping and e-commerce have become an integral part of our lives. It is highly unfortunate that while eCommerce and apps related to it have become more and more futuristic and sophisticated, the delivery operatives have been ignored and they have become more and more imperceptive. But still, go on for digital shopping through apps. The main reason why the payment gateway integration is needed in-app is that we allow customers to pay for the services, pay for their purchases and so on, right at the moment they initiated the purchase order. Someone who is building their app should not underestimate the true importance of the payment gateway integrated into their application. This is one of the important things in the app that makes sales skyrocketing and touching the moon.
  2. Selecting your Development Partner: This is one of the most important points in app development. Either you have professional qualifications to develop your own mobile app or you select an app development partner. But before choosing the development partner you should do complete research about his abilities to develop the app as per your needs and requirements as not everyone knows who to code.

The app developer you will choose will improve your business engagements by targeting the requisite market and audience. Besides, it will help in a comfortable, and hassle-free users experience, which will help you to generate more revenue through sales and ultimately more profit for you and promote your business to the next higher level. Whatever method you choose for your app development you should focus on enhancing users experience so that your ultimate business needs are fulfilled.

  1. Devise Perfect App Marketing techniques: When your masterpiece I.e your own mobile app is ready for launch after its perfect development and testing for bugs the next thing is to devise the methods to market your app in the real world. Building an app is one important thing in app development journey, in the same way, marketing and maintaining the app is another important thing. For this, you can take the help of Best Mobile App developers in USA Call +1(408)372-0967
  2. Plan for After App deployment Process: This is one of the important part often ignored by app developers. Deploying app on app store and devising perfect app marketing policies is not the end of the app development cycle. Since the apps are developed for a very long period, it needs further improvements, up-gradation as per the user needs and technology changes. The reviews and shortcomings of the app need to be taken seriously and regular updates should be posted correcting the shortcoming pointed by users so that they stay with the app for longer period of time and boost your brand, revenue, and your profits.

So if you are planning to have your mobile app developed for your business then the above blog will serve you as a guide and help you how to move forward in the development of your app in a perfect way and assure you success in your app development venture.

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