7 Important Steps to a Pre-Launch App Marketing Strategy

There is an exponential growth of Mobile Applications in the last few years. Every day Top Mobile App Development Company  USA Call +1(408)372-0967 and other parts of the world are developing apps for various business and general purposes. The market is overcrowded with the same type of apps developed by various developers and companies. All the apps don’t get a roaring success unless these are marketed properly.

Marking your mobile app should start much before the actual launch of the mobile app. Marketing your mobile app prior to its launch is very similar to dropping a small ball of snow on the hilltop and watch it grow bigger and bigger each day and rolls down the hill in its own way. It is just like the “snowball effect” of the mobile app.

You need to make sure that your developed mobile app gains enough traction with the targeted audience before it is actually launched to have its guaranteed success. Bur this is, of course, that’s a lot easier said than done. You cannot ignore the importance of pre-launch marketing strategy for your mobile app. For this below are a few useful tips and tricks you should keep in mind in order to go ahead and conquer the app market.

  1. Proper Analysis on Competition:Did you know that app developers spent 54% more money on pre-launch of a mobile app in the year 2019 than the previous year. If you have ignored this fact than your homework and research is lacking and not done properly.

 Being perfectly aware of your surroundings is important for your critical survival in the app market including your app pre-launch app marketing strategy.

It is not important that you understand your app users well, and are ready to chalk-out your app marketing strategy accordingly, but understanding your competitors is also important. Gather as much demographic data as you can in order to visualize who is your competitor, whom he is targeting including your own users, and adopting which ways to target your users.

By looking at the competitive apps and their strategies, you will be able to pinpoint their weakness,  shortcomings, strengths, and position your self in the best way to face the competition.

  1. Be an Early Bird: Marketing your mobile app is a grind- there is no other way around to avoid this grind. It is better for you to start early, prepare for your app marketing at the development stage itself instead of waiting for the completion of all phases of app development.

Better start awareness slowly and steadily through the right communication channels. Make an environment to trigger an awareness campaign. Create a comprehensive road map which starts well before the launch of your mobile app on the app store. Try to keep your launch deadline intact, and well informed to the target audience. Missing deadlines can cause a great potential loss of trust among your clients. So make sure you are punctual in every pre-launch stage.

At this stage early stage you can reach out to colleagues, customers, peers groups, family, and friends and ask for their assistance. Also start seeking out your potential users, and garner as much feedback as you can so that it can be implemented at the time of app and you don’t have to issue app updates.

  1. Start writing a Blog: Writing a blog for your app is one of the best way to keep your growing user base constantly engaged and updated is through a well made, content-rich and powerful blog.

Start a Blog

This part of work is not very difficult and you can do it by your self, otherwise hire a content writing agency for writing a powerful blog. Your Custom Mobile app development company USA call +1(408)372-0967 can assist you to develop your business mobile app and pre-launch marketing strategy for you.

Each and every post you make should be self-descriptive and should address relevant issues which are important for the current phase of your pre-launch app marketing. In the blog, you can take up those issues your industry is targeting and how your app is going to help tackle them. There is no dearth of issues,and you have the opportunities which are virtually limitless.

  1. Create Social Media Buzz: At present social medial is a great platform to launch and market anything including the Mobile App. Social media buzz is absolutely important for the successful launch of your mobile application. It is an incredible vehicle for creating buzz and hype and also very useful for building a strong community of your app users before the app is launched.

Make sure that you choose social media to create buzz for your app is relevant to your app requirements. As soon as the buzz is there in the market for your app, try to create a simple yet effective daily, weekly, and monthly routine of engaging your audience and receive their feedback. This is especially useful if your app falls within a very niche audience.

  1. Create a Medial Kit: The app PR is definitely one of the things you’d have to handle early on. Try to create a media kit with interesting contents.

Create a simple but impressive media kit. It should be thought of as a powerful presentation of your app and the features which make it stand out among your competitors. As a thumb of rule, your press kit should necessarily include at least the following components:

* Review Guide

* Screenshots

* Icons, Banners, Logos

* Video presentation explaining all about your app features

  1. Create Impressive Landing Page: Every app needs an impressive and killer landing page. If you want to be truly successful and through, it has to have a very well-made landing page. Further, make sure that you always stay in line with the trend.

Create a Killer Landing You need to follow a very simple navigational flow when designing a landing page for your app and it must answer these questions without any doubt:

* What is being offered in the app?

* What company offers it?

* How it is different from others?

* What is the next step to follow?

By answering all the above questions in a proper way, you will be able to establish a quick and efficient flow of your user’s navigation process in your app

  1. Work for App Store Optimization(ASO)- It not only matters but pays!: App Store Optimization (ASO) is just as important for the mobile app as the basic SEO for a regular website. But for ASO some other few very important things that need consideration.

 First- The name; Picking of the name sounds very easy but in practice, it is rather a difficult job. Make sure to study the market and select a name which is not only easy to pronounce but also easy to remember. Titles more than 25 symbols are likely to be cut off, so it is important to keep the name short as possible but it should have the full essence of your mobile app.

Second- Description: Creating a compelling and well-optimized description is key to cornering the heights of different app selling stores. Important keywords which are quite natural should be included in the description itself.

Third– Visuals: You can have a lasting app impression in the minds of users if your icon has a killing logo. It is the first thing that impresses the users most, and your logo should be such that your users like it. Don’t ever try to blow on this point.

Conclusion: The above are the few landmark tips and pillars for your app pre-launch marketing exercise. You should always just have to keep in mind and implement it you desire to have a successful app launch.

But one aspect that needs your most attention is the budget of the app. Try to be careful with your budgeting. There are essential considerations for managing the mobile app development costs besides the mobile app marketing being the other. Hence your pre-launch marketing strategy for your mobile app be factored in a very careful manner.

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